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Fit Girls Make Everything Better

Steve February 27, 2013 14

The midweek workout does a body right. Here’s some motivation to get your lazy ass to the gym.






















  • lol

    last ones smokin

  • Travis

    Keep the hard work! Nothing in the world better than a woman that’s fit.

  • will

    gotta love pink!!!

  • noe lome

    Love pink! FABULOUSss…^_^

  • Just Some Random Realistic Chick

    I will give credit where credit is due…most of these women are very pretty…but there are a few who truly are not. It’s one thing to have a nice figure, but to the point of looking anorexic is not becoming at all. I’ve been way too thin before and I also have been overweight. I’m all for a happy medium. To assume the thinner you are and the more you work out will actually increase your chances of being healthy simply does not exist in this day and age. We are set up to fail. The few women who actually look this way either have a lot of money, are mooching off someone else with a lot of money, or they are dating/married to someone with the ability to give them such a body. These types of articles are very misleading to both men and women. Most women will kill themselves to look this way for men and typically fail no matter how hard they try. Women are made to feel guilty for not having the perfect “hard body”. As far as men go, somewhere along the line you were programmed to believe you each deserve a woman like this and anything less, is viewed as a let down. Let’s face it…most men don’t have killer bodies either, but you don’t typically see women treating them as if they are a disappointment. Reason being, women’s love usually comes from the heart and rarely sees physical appearance as a reason to turn a man down. If this were the case, a lot of you might still be virgins. Both men and women are brainwashed to believe this is the “perfect woman”. More often than not…they are far from it. ANYONE can lose their looks in an instant, whether it be in an accident, fire, health issues, etc. That doesn’t change who they are inside. You certainly don’t want to be judged for your appearance, guys. Why do it to women? If you were the ones having to give birth, most of you would have bigger butts, a daddy gut, stretch marks, etc. too. The very things you find unattractive about women are generally the things that happen to her after YOU made her a mother. Not that it isn’t fun to oogle attractive people, but we are fooling ourselves by believing it is the norm or that we are in the position to judge others when we too aren’t exactly rockin a bad ass body.

    • Josh

      Ranty rant, anyone can have a body like that if they want. I’m male muscular 8% body fat and I hardly even work out. What you eat has way more significance.

    • musical

      your comment is too smart for people here

    • Robertito

      You´re saying the absolute truth. no more no less.

  • fgrospeech

    Holy boobjobs batman!

  • james

    Damn! Pink is beginning 2 b my favorite color!

  • The Dating Guide For Men

    Wow… Although to attract girls like this you don’t necessarily have to be in great shape either. It’s other things.

  • Jeff

    I think all the women are pretty damn hot and would love to be able to call myself the Boyfriend or husband of any of them.

  • Lovesemfit

    women who say staying fit are usually fat and lazy, complain alot, and dont work. that said, i love fit women because fitness shows me she can keep up with me, shes outdoorsy, she cares about her health, she IS healthy, and has high self esteem, plus drive/ambition

  • dan

    OMG ! The number #14 have a brazillian butt! Deliciousss!!